A thoughtful charity gift made easy! 

You can give outback families a helping hand by purchasing a RFDS charity gift, the 'Gift of Support'. 

You donate in celebration of a friend, relative or colleague. Your gift will support our medical teams as they race against the clock to ensure that families in rural Australia get help in emergency situations and have access to the very best care.

You'll receive an email with a virtual card/ pdf that you can easily pass on to a loved one. 

  • The ideal gift for people who love to make a difference.
  • A purchase of a Gift of Support virtual card is tax-deductible donation.
  • You'll have instant access to your Gift of Support virtual card, as well as a copy in your email inbox.

Click here for a preview of the virtual card  

Gift examples 

  • $15 gifts can provide emergency medicine to a patient while being transported.

  • $30 gifts can provide immunisation to one child, protecting them from preventable diseases 

  • $55 gifts can provide disposable equipment used by our flight nurses when a baby is transported, essential to protect the baby from exposure to any germs until they reach specialist paediatric care. 

  • $100 gifts can provide a life-saving defibrillator onboard our aircraft. This gives patients who suffer a cardiac arrest the best chance of survival. 

  • $150 gifts can provide essential equipment to a Flying Doctor pilot to communicate with ground crew.

  • $250 gifts can provide a life-saving medical chest to a remote community. 

  • $500 gifts can provide one critical heart monitor onboard an aircraft to manage a patient’s blood pressure and oxygen levels during their journey, using state-of-the-art technology. 
  • $1,500 gifts can provide one humidicrib to help safely transport babies to paediatric care at a major hospital. A humidicrib is a regulated, warm environment, to help premature or very sick babies with breathing, staying warm and helping their skin retain moisture.  

Please note that the 'Gift of Support' is a charity donation, hence no promotional discounts can be applied. 

With every donation you’ll be supporting our work to save lives and bring primary healthcare to Australia’s outback communities. Thank you!