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Treasured recipes and untold stories from Australian community cookbooks

Forget celebrity chefs. The books that truly reflect what most Australians cooked and ate at home for decades were put together by people you have never heard of, all in the name of helping others. Community cookbooks have raised millions of dollars for thousands of charities and causes, ranging from cash-strapped local schools and churches to international movements like the Red Cross.

Many of these books were humble publications, hand-printed and stapled together by volunteers. But some, like the iconic PWMU Cookbook from Victoria, the Green and Gold Cookery Book in South Australia, and the CWA's Cookery Book and Household Hints from WA have outlived fleeting food fads, and are still in print and much-used today.

With every purchase you’ll be supporting our work to save lives and bring primary healthcare to Australia’s outback communities. Thank you!