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I was terrified my baby could die...

I was terrified my baby could die...

Juarne was shocked. The nurse told her she was going to deliver her baby at only 26 weeks pregnant.   

Juarne and baby Lachlan needed urgent care that was not available locally in Broken Hill. Panic started to set in because they were eight hours drive from the nearest major hospital. 

For people living in remote, rural and regional Australia, unexpected medical emergencies can mean that lives like mine, and that of my unborn baby, are at risk. Amid my overwhelming panic, hospital staff called the Royal Flying Doctor Service who were able to act immediately and fly us to Adelaide to get the emergency care we needed.” Juarne said.  

31% of all births in Australia occur in remote, rural or regional areas, so access to emergency antenatal and neonatal medical care in these areas is critical. Being a young family, we rely on the Royal Flying Doctor Service to be there for us in an emergency.” Juarne said. 

Can you give a donation today to provide families living in isolation in remote Australia with urgent medical care when an emergency arises? 

There are families like Juarne and Lachlan, facing unexpected emergencies every single day. 

Your donation to the Royal Flying Doctor Service can be the difference between life and death. Please give today.

Mothers in remote, rural and regional Australia rely on the Royal Flying Doctor Service 

Make a donation and help us save lives.

With your donation you can directly support the Royal Flying Doctor Service. 

We save lives and  provide extensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency service over an area of 7.69 million square kilometres of the Australian outback.  

We are one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world, helping people in need every two minutes of every day. 

Donate now

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